Rue End Street, Greenock

Rue End Street, Greenock




4,000 sq.ft.


Greggs PLC & SSE


HSA Retail (acquisition)
DCS (legal advise)

Acquired from:

Private family

Rue End Street, Greenock
Rue End Street, Greenock

Investment Rational:

The completion of the development at the Rue End Street/Main Street roundabout in Greenock marks a significant addition to the area’s commercial landscape. Situated directly opposite Victoria Quay, the site’s strategic location makes it well-suited for various uses, including highly sought-after drive-thru retail.

The newly completed 1,800 sq.ft drive-thru retail unit, leased to Greggs PLC, brings a well-known brand to the area, providing convenience and quality offerings to local residents and commuters. Additionally, the inclusion of 14 electric car charge parking spaces, leased to SSE addresses the growing demand for sustainable transportation options, contributing to the expansion of the EV network in Greenock.

This development not only adds core convenience services to Greenock but also aligns with evolving consumer preferences and environmental considerations. By offering both traditional retail amenities and electric vehicle charging infrastructure, the site caters to the diverse needs of the community while promoting sustainable practices.

Overall, the completion of this development demonstrates Bellair’s ability to identify opportunities for value creation and respond effectively to market demands, enhancing the vibrancy and accessibility of Greenock’s commercial offerings while supporting the transition towards a more sustainable future.