Portobello Sands

Portobello Sands, Pipe Lane, Edinburgh EH15 1BR







CLA (Architect)
DCS (Legal Advice)
Scott Hobbs Consulting (Planning Consultant)

Acquired from:

Lothian Amusements (advised by G&S)

Portobello Sands, Pipe Lane, Edinburgh EH15 1BR
Portobello Sands, Edinburgh
Portobello Sands, Edinburgh

Investment Rational:

Bellair’s acquisition of a prominent gap site along the Portobello promenade represents a strategic move within their larger portfolio of residential and retail assets across Edinburgh. Portobello, being an affluent suburb with ongoing residential and commercial developments, presents an attractive opportunity for further investment and development.

The proposed residential development of ten three-bedroom apartments reflects Bellair’s commitment to meeting the growing demand for quality housing in desirable locations like Portobello. Securing planning permission for such a project demonstrates their intention to align with local regulations and community needs while enhancing the character and appearance of the locality.

The inclusion of landscaped gardens in the development plan not only adds aesthetic value but also contributes to creating a pleasant living environment for future residents. This attention to detail reflects Bellair’s dedication to delivering high-quality residential spaces that prioritise both functionality and aesthetics.

Overall, Bellair’s investment in this site underscores their strategic vision for expanding their presence in desirable areas like Portobello. Through thoughtful planning and development, they aim to contribute positively to the local community while maximising the potential of their investment in the residential real estate market.