Kingsfield Farm, Linlithgow EH49 7LS


Development Land


48 acres




DCS (Legal Advice)

Acquired from:

Arkley family

Kingsfield Farm, Linlithgow EH49 7LS
Kingsfield Farm, Linlithgow

Investment Rational:

Bellair’s acquisition of Kingsfield, following the successful development of the award-winning Kingsfield Golf Centre, marks another strategic move in their portfolio expansion. Situated to the east of Linlithgow, the site represents a natural expansion of the town and benefits from its proximity to Junction 3 of the M9, offering excellent connectivity to wider areas.

Having secured the site from a local family, and working in partnership with them, Bellair’s vision for its development aligns with the growth trajectory of Linlithgow. By entering into an option agreement with a PLC house builder, Bellair demonstrates their forward-thinking approach to development. This agreement allows them to promote the site within the Local Development Plan, ensuring its inclusion in future planning initiatives.

The partnership with a reputable house builder not only provides financial security but also underscores Bellair’s commitment to delivering a high-quality development that meets the demands of the local market. This collaboration leverages the expertise of both parties to maximise the potential of the site while adhering to sustainable development principles.

Overall, Bellair’s acquisition and strategic planning for the site highlights their ability to identify opportunities for growth and development in line with evolving market trends and local community needs.