House of Fraser, Exeter

35 High Street, Exeter EX4 3LW


Hotel & Leisure


70,000 sq.ft


IHG Group


Prydis (Acquisition)

Acquired from:


35 High Street, Exeter EX4 3LW
House of Fraser building, Exeter bought for redevelopment into a 97 bed hotel, 5 star hotel.
CGI rendering of rooftop food and beverage offering
View from Exeter Cathedral showing CGI of hotel redevelopment

Investment Rational:

Bellair has taken a minority stake in the redevelopment of the former House of Fraser building on Exeter’s High Street to a 97 bed hotel, 5 star hotel with food and beverage offering.

The investment was attractive to Bellair for a variety of reasons but mainly gaining exposure to a larger transaction run by a highly experience fund manager and spread our portfolio into different regions of the UK.